Welcome to TombstonePits
 We are a small family owned and operated kennel in Phoenix AZ. Our dogs are the finest dogs we could find out of Ironman Pits,and Xtreme Bully Pits . We only produce a few select breedings
a year in our quest to produce the finest APBT. We specialize in Blue, and Blue Fawn. Our foundation first pick male from Ironmans Pits is a gorgeous 100lb Blue Fawn, Wyatt Earp. 
our other foundation male Doc Holliday was sired by Xtreme Bully Whiskey (R.I.P.) and produced at Blue Rhino Kennels the producers of Xtreme Bully Rhino Jr. and Ironmans Pits Dillon
                                             Haley ( R.I.P. ) We Miss You                                                             Pearl Heart

                                          Little Nose Kate ( Ditto )                                                                  NEW TO THE TOMBSTONE FAMILY
                                                                                                                                                          HALEY TOO 
                                                                                                                            Produced here at TombstonePits out of ( Pearl X Shamrock )



                     WYATT EARP                                                             DOC HOLLIDAY     


          WHISKEY ROW




                            WHISKEY AND WYATT                                                      TOMBSTONEPITS PLAYTIME







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